Schatjes Amsterdam

Art & Events in Amsterdam’s Red Light District Co-founding, developing and managing an experimental art space in Amsterdam In collaboration with:Thijs van Himbergen A couple of years ago we were given the opportunity to come up with a plan for a small basement space in the middle of the Red Light District of Amsterdam. In … Read More

For What It’s Worth

Opening exhibition of Schatjes gallery Concept development, curation, exhibition design and a co-authoring a fictional narrative around an exhibition of lost and found artworks. Opening exhibition of Schatjes gallery. In collaboration with:Thijs van Himbergen Joanna Harkov-Pruzansky harbored a deep interest in the unknown artists of our time. She would scour thrift shops and flea markets … Read More

pretty nice shirts

pretty nice shirts & stuff Co-founding a t-shirt company featuring screenprinted t-shirts that aren’t really nice, they’re pretty nice. With Thijs van Himbergen With pretty nice shirts we set out on a quest to perfect imperfection. Our goal: to show people that not everything in life has to be perfect, things can just be pretty … Read More

pretty big shirt

pretty big shirt Concept development and design of a 10 x 6 x 6 meter t-shirt as part of the ‘Freezing Favela’ exhibition at Mediamatic. With Thijs van Himbergen For the Mediamatic Freezing Favela exhibition in Amsterdam, Thijs van Himbergen and I (and our moms) stitched together a 10 meter tall t-shirt. Inside it we … Read More


Phofography – Photographically challenged Crowdsourcing a collection of ‘flawed photography’ as part of a collaborative project for an edition of University College Utrecht’s Post magazine. —With Thijs van Himbergen There are countless photos being taken throughout the world today. Some of them are truly amazing. Many of them are pretty good. Most photos are just … Read More


KamerVragen – live visualizations Live visualization for co-creative evenings about sustainability at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.— With Thijs van Himbergen KamerVragen started as a small initiative by a couple of Amsterdam-based entrepreneurs. The first couple of years I became involved in the project by making live designs for a number of the events. Later on Thijs … Read More